Sunday, February 6, 2011

Late, and no art...I AM DISAPPOINT.

Well, this will be short, as it is 3:15 in the A.M.

I will first apologize for my late post. This past week has been hectic, but in a good way. My best friend Emily was host to Cameron the Awesome Brit this week. We had many harrowing adventures, which involved copious amounts of Fun Juice (a.k.a. alcohol). Well, not that much really. Just enough to get a little tipsy and rosy in the cheeks. It was quite fun, indeed.
 Hmm...Well, I've been working on some digital art. I was intending to go over to the art campus to use their awesome Wacom tablets and finish coloring stuff, but alas. I was sidetracked by Final Fantasy 10. And I just almost lost all the information I typed due to shear stupidity. I should probably head off to bed. I promise to upload some art early in the week. Derp.

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