Friday, January 28, 2011


So this past week was somewhat good. I actually finished Math homework, worked on some art, and even played Dungeons and Dragons!!! It was all good! I was going to scan in the art I finished for today, but I didn't find enough time to do it, and my personal scanner is currently at a certain friends place....
  On another note, I think I'm going to try and get an internship this summer. I just need to discuss it with my advisor. I so hope I can get one in the area. That would make me so happy. It would be a real plus if it was a paid internship, that way I wouldn't have to hunt for a job. I'm so lazy.
  Well, since I didn't upload the art that I finished today, I suppose I can upload some more old stuff I've done over the years. Note: This is definitely not my best stuff.

This is a design I did for a contest I never entered. I think it was a Toshiba 'Design a Laptop Skin' contest....
I don't know what the complete idea behind this was, but I'm rather sure that it has something to do with Modest Mouse. I found this in a folder labeled 'Graphic Design'. 

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