Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad Semester...But Now It's Much Better!!! :D

  Well, my intentions for posting every week went down the drain last semester. I henceforth make a promise that I shall update at the very least once a week, on Fridays. I hope to upload pictures of my artwork, be it fan art, paintings, digital stuff, and what not. I also think I might post critiques of art, if I feel up to that mental task...
   Here are two old pieces I did for Publications 1(almost 3 semesters ago!!!) We were to design postcards around a series of seven things we chose. I went all geeky and chose to do a series on the diatomic elements. I know I did more but I have no clue where they disappeared to......
  Medium: Digital; I played around in Illustrator to get the shapes I wanted. ( I really like the Fl one, simply because it's all swirly, and I spent more time on it! :D)

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